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Nap Time.

I really (really, really) need a nap.

So... Did I stay down today, as planned? No. Of course not.

I helped sister Sue suzy_qp with her cribbage stuff. For hours. I did website additions and changes. For hours.

At least I wasn't Marilyn mistressmarilyn (!!!) who worked until 7:00 p.m. -- and then got stuck in stand-still traffic on the way home! (yikes) Happily she said she wasn't in as much pain, but she was lying down at the time -- so I'm not sure that counts!

We had homemade nachos for dinner. Then ate popcorn while watching movies on TV.

And I've done part of the garbage and recycling (it's Wednesday) -- including the cat boxes. But I'll have to do the rest after my nap. (sigh)

Marilyn and I have a meeting with Mandy tomorrow about website stats. I have a meeting with Christie in the afternoon. And training with Jana in the morning. Plus the usual website stuff, of course. At the current time I don't plan to go to the office on Friday, but who knows?

We need to go and get manicures this weekend. (I hope we don't blow it off!) I think I have a hair appointment next week. I'll have to check my electronic calendar to be sure...

Must have that NAP now. I'm suddenly really tired.

I wonder if I should wash my hair before bed, or in the morning???

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