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Writing Lecture and Contest Submission

We went to another writing lecture tonight. It was Elisabeth Rusch speaking at the meeting of the Portland Chapter of Willamette Writers in downtown Portland on: How to Market Your Books through Magazine Writing

She was quite good -- and it was interesting stuff to hear.

I also got notice today that my short story submission to an online contest went Live today, which is very cool!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn went to the doctor this morning and had to have an invasive and very painful procedure done in the office. She came home afterwards and didn't go back to work. (She needed to lie down and put her feet up, frankly.) I was worried she might not be able to go tonight, but she managed pretty well, in spite of the pain. Poor thing.

But this procedure might take care of a problem she's had for some time (with constant discomfort and pain), so it's a good thing. She's going back in two weeks to see if it heals up okay and to check her over for another medical issue. I'm glad to see her focusing on her health. Good for her. It's often hard to find the time in our busy lives to go to these kinds of appointments.

I'm feeling a bit under the weather, with a sore throat, nasal issues and sore eyes. The thing with my eyes can be a problem, considering the amount of time I have to spend staring at a computer screen in order to do my work.

I did get several pages of code done today, so that was good. And I'm glad I didn't skip the writing lecture, because it was certainly worth going out for!

Having missed work today, I'm going in on Thursday. I have an afternoon meeting and need to train and assess another intern (who started today).

But I plan to try and stay down as much as possible tomorrow. I hope I can nip this thing in the bud and not really come down with something. I spent hours sleeping today...

I finished reading one of the two books I bought at a recent writing lecture. It was quite a good read. More about it later...

And I watched "American Idol" tonight and really enjoyed it! (smile)

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