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Work and Writing!

I still need to 'tweak' the story (out of two I wrote) to submit for our Writing Group.

I spent a couple of hours helping sister Sue suzy_qp with her story, which really turned out well. I'm very proud of Sue, knowing this process is way outside her comfort zone.

Both Sue and June june_bug_w are very dedicated to our group -- and the work. I'm impressed by what they've done this time out.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn is working on her story as I type this, and both Dick and Angel have sent in their stories, as have June and Sue, for that matter! I should have mine in shortly (it doesn't need much work), and I'm sure Marilyn will have her story done before the midnight deadline. Peter told Marilyn he wasn't going to be able to participate this time, and I don't know Jodi's status...

We had a long, busy day at the office today. Three new interns started, so that kept me hopping! Plus every weekday for the next three weeks I'll have court work to do for the website. It went okay today, but I had a coding issue unrelated to the actual announcement that had me nearly crazy at one point!

I also had to deal with an unusual problem when it turned out one of the user profiles had a misspelling! You can't rename, so I had to delete one profile and create a new one, which was interesting... (That's never happened before.)

I'm dealing with some sharp pain in my my pointer on my left hand. I can't recall feeling a pain like that, but if finally seemed to respond to meds. And I somehow managed to bite the inside of my mouth (!!!) -- and now I keep biting the spot over and over again, I guess because it's swollen. Very painful and annoying! Oh well.

I'd better get to my story and hopefully to bed, as tomorrow is another busy day at the office. I did talk to Ron (the computer dude) today and set up for him to come in next Tuesday. I'm hoping we can get some of the computer equipment tweaked a bit -- and maybe swap over some Windows 2000 computers to Windows XP. I'd love to get rid of the last of those 2000s, at long last! (And for people who want to be able to Remote, they need at least Windows XP in the office in order to do so...)

I love writing! It was fun writing both stories. (smile) We have a writing lecture tomorrow night after work, and I'm looking forward to it.

I need to order oil! I hope I remember to do that tomorrow...

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