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Customizing Your LiveJournal

Some of you have been around long enough to remember the 'customize' page from the old days, surely. True?

I'm trying to explain to someone just how much it's CHANGED since they 'upgraded' it -- and how there are not as many options as there used to be. I don't think (???) I've kept all the images I used to have for the extensive tutorials I started, showing 'how to' use the old version, so it's pretty much me just saying 'we used to have more options' -- but with no way to back it up. (sigh)

(I wish I had time to hunt for those images -- and the tutorials -- but I'm swamped with other work today... And I'm pretty sure I dumped them, anyway.)

As I recall, we used to be able to pick every single color, for example, rather than just a few. And we were able to change out more text. Yes, you still can with some of the layouts, but certainly not with all of them.

Or am I simply losing my mind here? I've been told I'm 'completely wrong' -- and maybe I am. (I don't claim to be an expert by a long shot.)

And I've got tons of other things crammed into my head that are non-LiveJournal-related, so I might be an idiot who doesn't know what she's saying. Could be.

If that's true, why has this been an issue for me in the past? Why do I feel like it's so much harder than in the past? (No, I'm not talking about the old S1 style -- I'm talking about when I first changed over to S2. Just for the record.)

And why is it I end up appearing to argue with a user I have enormous admiration and respect for? He's brilliant and 100 times smarter than I could ever hope to be about this. I bow willing to his superior knowledge.

Still, they changed it -- and I've struggled with it since then. And I used to be able to walk others through how to use it, so I can't be so dimwitted that I've made this all up, can I?

Does anybody else know what I'm talking about???

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