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Last Friday... (Dick and Katie Dropped By!)

Last Friday (February 20) I went in to the festival office with Marilyn mistressmarilyn. She was meeting with photographer Dick Powers and I was anxious to see him and wish him well, knowing his surgery was imminent. (I also wanted to take a photo of him for the next eNewsletter, as I'd decided I wanted to feature him there...)

It was so good to see him (even though I was trying hard not to cry -- I felt very emotional). As I've mentioned before, I've known Dick for more than three decades, and we're great buddies!

Jeff's daughter Katie was visiting on Friday, too! I made her a 'toy box' with items from the 'Goodie Box.' (I keep a box of fun items to share with Staff that often includes toys: toy soldiers, stickers, rubber stamps, etc.) In the photo below, you can see her playing with the new toys and have a very good time.

I was busy as a bee, of course -- last week was a crazy one, I have to say!

Photo share!

February 20, 2009 - Dick Powers and Marilyn
Here's a photo of Dick with Marilyn, just
outside the office. Note how sunny it was!

February 20, 2009 - Dick Powers and Marilyn
I took a second photo, just to be safe!

February 20, 2009 - Katie visits!
Here's Katie, playing with her 'toy box'
on the floor of Jeff's office. So cute!

I finally stuck the oil today. (I need to order oil next week...)
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