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Icons? More Icons???

Why, yes, friends!

As a matter of fact, I am competing for the first time in an icon contest! Imagine that.

I'd share the link, but I don't know if that's considered 'kosher' or not, frankly! (It's not as if I'd ever pimp votes for anything--I most assuredly would not! But I wouldn't want someone to think I was doing that, in any case...)

I'll share the link when the contest is over. How's that? LOL.

No, I'm not expecting to win. But to me it's like fic challenges. They get your juices flowing--help you to be more creative! That's what I feel about this. It's helping me to be more artistic (perhaps?) with my icons.

Interestingly enough, I use to not really care about my own icons. I think that still shows quite a bit, if you look at my icons. Most of them are 'fine' (smile). Not all that special. I was more involved in helping others to have the icons they wanted!

And the teaching is always my thing, I guess. I'm just a born teacher...

But there's still that artist side of me (from years back) that longs for expression, too! (To think I almost pursued art as a career at one point. LMAO. Right, Charlie!)

Now what's the old expression? Those who can, do and those who can't teach? Ah. Yes! LOL.

Marilyn is much improved. We ended up not going up tonight (obviously--seeing as I'm here!). But I've talked to her via phone several times...

I'm getting ready to go and clean now. It's still raging hot in our house, so I don't want to end up ill. I'll have to go slow and take it easy...

What must it be like to have central air at home? Heaven?

I was delighted, by the way, that we did Théoden for the icon challenge. I love him. So courageous a king!

You know, I love so many of the LOTR characters! Seriously...

I need to go and start cleaning. (sigh)

And call Marilyn again! I really, really miss her.

More soon!

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