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Another Busy -- and Satisfying -- Day!

After getting home from 'work' today (I'll explain), Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I had a bowl of my homemade soup -- then we both headed for a much-needed nap.

I had the phone with me, so I could answer it in case it rang. I didn't want Marilyn to hear it, because often if she is awakened, she has trouble getting back to sleep again...

Just as I'd dropped off to sleep, sure enough, it rang! Rich was calling, asking for a photo from the court-related event we'd attended this morning/afternoon. As often seems to be the case, I was the official photographer for the festival, taking several shots of the selected young women.

I almost blew him off, I was so tired -- and I hadn't yet downloaded the photos. But I went to my computer, downloaded the images, emailed to myself at the office and sent them to the TV station news room that had requested them. I talked to Rich a couple of times, all told. Then KGW phoned me, as well. This was going just before 5:00 p.m. -- and they were trying to get the photo up for the news that would happen on the hour.

I stayed awake and watched the coverage, which was good -- but didn't include my photo.

Tonight on the 11:00 news both Marilyn and I watched again -- and this time they did use one of my photos! I have to admit I was pretty excited. The shots turned out well, really -- and it was a lot of fun to see my photo on TV.

Actually, when I think about it, I take lots of photos that are being used all the time. Many of the shots at our award-winning website are mine. Frequently the Flash slideshows I create are my own photos, too. And I often use my photos in our eNewsletters. And that's only a few places they end up being put to good use.

I remember back in high school when my art teacher (Gertrude Schoeler) wanted me to learn professional photography. She was an accomplished photographer herself, but it was far more complicated then! Tons of math involved -- and I've never been good at math. I remember one time she loaned me one of her expensive cameras to 'try out.' I was pretty hopeless at the time!

I suspect she'd be delighted I've finally been able to take some photos that are both useful and admired, considering how much she wanted me to follow her example. (smile) Her photographs appeared in gallery showings and several competitions... Of course, photography is much easier now than it was back then. We're so blessed with these amazing digital cameras! I'm so thankful to have mine.

Friday was (another) busy day -- and we were at the office late (the last to leave). At one point while I was working setting up cubicles, Peter turned off the office lights! He came by me and apologized for turning them off, and I said, "It's okay, Peter. I can see in the dark." (heh) Actually, I gave it up shortly after that, having been hauling stuff around for a couple of hours. I'm not done with cleaning out and setting up, but I'm closer than I was before yesterday, anyway. I'll try and do more on Tuesday, I guess.

It was hard getting up this morning to go to the court selection event, I have to say. I drank one of those 5-hour Energy bottles before we went, but I have to tell you I don't think it was much help! Give me some big-time caffeine, please! (And thank you.)

The rest of the weekend?

  • We MUST clean up Marilyn's office so she can find things. We'd planned to do it back in December, but with the weather it just didn't happen. Since then we've never managed to find the time -- so we need to get it done NOW.

  • I want to help Marilyn to set up her facebook.

  • I want to start my story for our Writing Group.

  • We forced ourselves to go grocery shopping last night (!!!), but we also need to get to Wal-Mart, if we can. I've also done one load of dishes, and need to do another one. (I cleaned out both of our fridges Wednesday -- and I have lots of empty containers that need washing...)

  • Sleep would REALLY be a good thing. Lately were so dead tired by the weekend that we spend a good portion of at least one day just napping so we can catch up on our sleep.

  • There's another writing-related lecture we plan to attend on Sunday (tomorrow). It sounds good and is only $5, so why not? (Angel's tied up and can't go, but there's no reason Marilyn and I can't be there.)

  • We still need to do something for Jim's bday -- and for Shari's bday, too, for that matter.
Okay, I truly I wonder how much of that will actually get done... (grin)

It's almost time for bed. We had wonderful baked potatoes (with butter, sour cream, grated cheese and chopped black olives) and home-made nachos for dinner. Delish, mon! (Lately the food has been very good!)

Speaking of photos, I took a couple of Dick Powers with Marilyn on Friday when he was by. I was pretty emotional, and had to cover it up big time so I wouldn't burst into tears. I just love that man! He's been taking photos for the festival for 39 years (almost four decades!), and I've personally known him for more than three decades. His surgery is next Friday, and I'd appreciate any and all good thoughts and/or prayers you could send his way. He's just one of the best people...

On a happy note, Marilyn is taking Monday off work (!!!), so that should hopefully help us to get more stuff on the above list done.

I really need to go put a News item up at the website, so I'd better end now. Sorry I've been so lax here this month. I'll try harder, really!
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