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Busy Day. Hell! Busy WEEK.

We survived today, thankfully.

The Press Conference (which was exactly like a special event) was a HUGE win (our three main local channel stations all showed, plus FOX -- and we had multiple newspapers, as well as radio coverage). You can't BUY that kind of media attention! (Especially in a city like Portland.)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn is the QUEEN of PR -- and I'm deadly serious about that. She really knows how to pull this stuff off.

On the weird side, I was acting as one of our official photogs, and the guy from KOIN (channel 6) asked me to pose shooting a photo for one of his shots. I agreed and did it, never thinking they'd actually USE it. But tonight while watching the nightly news, there I was! It was a total CLOSE UP (???) of me, camera up (so you can't really see my face), with my rings and leather bracelet standing out. (smile) For those who might not know, I wear rings on every finger (and on my thumbs)...

I also got my eNewsletter out, the News item up on the website and my new Flash slideshow on the Home page -- which was a ton of work. (I did some other website stuff, too -- and some IT-related junk, just because I can never escape that...)

Marilyn brought me home early (around 3:00, or 3:30), then headed back. She had stuff that ran until past 8:00 p.m.! I guess it figures that it wasn't enough to deal with a major Press Conference -- she needed to have a ton of other stuff, too -- including a late meeting.

I made two pots of homemade soup this evening, and we had one for dinner when she got home. We also watched the DVR copy of "Jeopardy" -- and two different versions of coverage from today.

Now I've cleaned up the kitchen a bit and we're going to try and get a nap. Then bedtime (maybe "Frasier" first?) for a few more hours of sleep than we got last night (which was only two or three hours), hopefully. And back to work tomorrow!

No. I didn't plan to be in the office this much this week. But Dick Powers is coming by tomorrow, and I don't want to miss seeing him. He has cancer and is going in for surgery -- and you never know what might happen. I love that man and want to feature him in one of the upcoming eNewsletters, so I'm getting his photo tomorrow by hook or crook!

I suppose I could do some computer maintenance tomorrow (a likely story). I'd rather stay home and start on my book-related website. Or my story for our next Writing Group assignment. (I have an idea -- I just need TIME to get started on it!)

I've been so busy I've barely been here at LiveJournal at all. The same is true for facebook...

Anyway, everything went really well today. The weather cooperated, people and media showed up as expected and I was satisfied with the final product of my various work projects. So, it's all good!

We missed our friend Jim's birthday (!!!) and need to do something belatedly -- and still need to get together with friend Shari to celebrate her bday.

In bad news, sister Sue's suzy_qp daughter Candy needs surgery on her foot -- and will have to be off work for eight weeks. They have no clue how they'll get by without her income...

In good news, my friend June june_bug_w found her missing kitty Cleopatra (well, Jim found her) yesterday. I spent time going all around the neighborhood looking for her, worried we might never see her again. (I prayed and prayed -- and I do believe in the power of prayer.) She's already finished with her story for Writing Group, which is more good news. (Go, June!)

Time (seriously) for a nap!

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