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Work Today? Yeah.

No, I wasn't supposed to have to go in to the office today.

Did I end up there?


It's a long IT-related tale that isn't worth typing. Let's just say Jeff needed my help and I'd do anything for Jeff. (Jeff's is going out of town and taking the note-taking laptop with him.) So I went in and ended up focusing almost entirely on IT-related things, instead of what I'd plan to work on. That's how it goes sometimes! No point in letting it bother me, so I won't.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I got very little sleep last night (she probably only had an hour, tops), so we were both dragging by the end of the day. Happily we had leftovers for dinner and I didn't have to cook.

And even though I'd told June 'no' when asked to go by and check out her computer, I went anyway. It didn't take that long and I wanted to help out, if I could. It turned out okay, thankfully, but I want her to get an external hard drive and back up her computer, just to be safe!

I totally spaced Jim's (June's husband) birthday, which was February 8! I feel AWFUL about it. We'll need to do something belated, but there's no good excuse for missing it. (sigh) I need a better way to keep track of important dates, obviously!

I conked out after dinner and had a long nap, which was good. We plan to go to bed early tonight.

We were supposed to go tan (in preparation for the ball we're attending Saturday night), but we were both too tired. So now we'll have to go tomorrow night.

I should go in to the office again tomorrow (as originally planned), but I think I'll stay home and focus on website work that really (really, really) needs to be finished up.

The most important thing I did today was make back ups of my two 'main' jump drives. I have one that's just the festival website (all actual website pages, etc. -- plus the main website-related files), and another that I call 'IT plus' (which has tons of IT-related stuff, all the eNewsletter stuff and more). I've decided I'll try to update the backups at least once a month. That way if I ever happen to lose the originals, I'd have most of the stuff I needed. And that's a ton better than having NONE of the stuff!

I used to carry those jump drives EVERYWHERE (well, almost) with me, out of total paranoia. But I've been more relaxed about it recently. Still, there's no way I could function without those, so better safe than sorry!

Anyone thinking of using external USB drives for your computer(s) should really consider an Iomega portable hard drive. Jump drives are great, but I'm amazed by what you can put on these babies from Iomega!

By the way, I continue to recommend ONLY the Lexar jump (flash) drives. And my research on portable hard drives puts Iomega right at the top, too. If you've ever had a jump drive FAIL (I have), then you'll know why it's important to get quality. They usually cost more $$$, but they're worth it!

On that note, I'm calling it a night. This has been a really busy week -- and next week will probably be even busier. Still, I'm hopeful I'll get more active here at LiveJournal again soon! (And I haven't been to facebook in ages...) Sometimes RL just keeps us from doing what we'd like to do if we had loads of FREE time. That's okay, though. Being busy is actually a GOOD thing! I just need to keep reminding myself of that fact...

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