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Buy PDF Books -- Donate to Australian Bushfire Victims!

One of my favorite publishers of computer-related manuals is doing something very cool! They've got a SALE on PDF-format books -- and 100% of the proceeds from this sale will be donated to victims of the recent Australian bushfires. Isn't that awesome???

The purchaser gets good books (I already have several I read and re-read) -- and the donations are an awesome thing.

The sale runs through tomorrow (Friday), so do check it out! They've reduced the cost of the PDF books -- you can get five books for $29.95 (normally $149.75).

And isn't this the most moving photo ever???

koala Sam - photo credit: Russell Vickery/Herald Sun
koala Sam - photo credit: Russell Vickery/Herald Sun

So, go check it out:
SitePoint Sale

I didn't realize SitePoint was located in Australia, so it was interesting to discover that fact. I'm so glad they're doing this. Every little bit helps, after all!
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