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Is It The Weekend, Yet? (So Busy... and It's ONLY Wednesday!)

I can't believe it's only Wednesday! What a BUSY week so far! Seriously.

I worked in the office today. I couldn't begin to get everything done that needed doing. I now have a 'Communications Calendar' hanging by my computer at home. Well, actually, I have TWO. One is an actual calendar with highlighted items, the other is a detailed list of exactly what needs doing. This week and next week are jammed full of things that need to be done: several website Home page News items (four website pages per item), a new Flash slideshow, an eBulletin (went today), an eNewsletter (goes next Thursday).

I also have quite a few webpage updates that need to be FINISHED up in relation to the above items. I can be referring people to webpages that don't have current info, in other words.

I worked hard on all this yesterday, and again today. I also had a new person start yesterday that I needed to train today (she's good) and various IT-related things to tackle yesterday and today. Our volunteer working with historical items in our library (small conference room) was in today, too. I took her my manual on Excel to borrow -- and she wants me to work with her when I have the time (!!!).

Last Sunday, Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I had manicures (fills). My nails are now shorter and look really nice. We also went to tan ('Dessert Tan' is now 'Palm Beach Tan' -- and they don't take appointments any more!) Yesterday (Tuesday) I colored my hair (and I shaved my legs, which I often let go during the winter months). Today Dorine (my hairdresser) gave me an 'emergency' haircut. Saturday next (Valentine's Day) is the Oregon 150 Ball, in Salem, which we're attending. I needed to get all of these things done before then in preparation. No, I still haven't decided what I'm wearing, but I'm sure I'll reason it out in plenty of time... (We're planning to go and tan again Thursday night.)

Tonight is garbage and recycling night, and I haven't started it, yet. No big deal, as I often do so after midnight. There's a bit more this week because of having people over Monday night, but whatever.

It looks like three more people are seriously interested in joining our Writing Circle (!!!), so we could end up with a larger group! Marilyn and I are stoked to hear it.

We may have SNOW again tomorrow (!!!). But they're saying it will be clear on Saturday, thank heavens.

Sister Sue phoned me late in the day to tell me that her daughter, Candy, had made us spaghetti pie for dinner. We finally left work after 6:00 p.m., and she came shortly after we walked in the door at home to bring it to us. It was hot from the oven, so all I had to do was make garlic bread and we were good to go!

By the way, I can't believe I didn't mention that Candy got her 15-year-old cat Saxon back this past weekend! It's a long story, but we're so glad he's back. Marilyn and I had even tried to find him so we could adopt him, we felt so bad about him being away from his beloved home...

Oh! For anyone who doesn't know, you can make the coolest calendars in Excel!

CLICK ME to see the bigger calendar!

That's the current Communications Calendar -- though I've only got it part-way filled in. (Click on it to see the larger version.)

The list is better for details (Marilyn did that in Word), but it is helpful to have an actual calendar to look at. And would you believe you can make a calendar that nice with Excel? Pretty awesome stuff. The more I use Excel, the more I love it.

I'm still pretty allergic to the office that was flooded at work -- and which is very close to my cubicle! I finally had to insist we shut the door again, so I wouldn't have to smell (breath in) whatever is in there making me nuts. Taking meds didn't cut it... (sigh)

I haven't done anything at facebook recently -- and very little here at LiveJournal. I've just been too busy, I guess. But I really don't want to let it all slide, no matter how busy things get. Well, I'd better get started on the garbage and recycling, so we can try to get to bed at a reasonable hour.
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