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eBulletin Template.

No, I haven't 'died.' (heh) I've just been busy. We needed to come up with an alternative to our eNewsletter -- something we could send out quickly and that covered only one or two things (and was probably more selling-oriented). This gave birth to the eBulletin concept, which I finally started making a template for yesterday.

I wanted to retain an identity with our eNewsletter, while simplifying the whole process. I had thought I'd be able to throw together a really simple template, but naturally nothing is that simple! I kept the size and used the same size header banner as always. But the colors are two tones: the beige (pale) and dark green (the two primary colors of the festival website). I made four header banners that are close to alike, all using the dark green with our logo and 'eBulletin' written identically across them. They can be switched out at will, or I can simply revert to the main design. It's all one column layout rather than our traditional three, with a simple dark green (image) bar as a divider.

I yanked code from a couple of sources, rather than write it all from scratch, so I was using the W3C HTML Validator to keep checking the code. The code only had a few errors, but though the Validator finds these for you, FIXING them is another story! (smile)

I never did get the answer to one of the problems. I wanted something to display a certain way, but it wouldn't validate -- so I gave up and did proper coding over what I wanted to be seeing. I guess that's okay, but I'd like to know the ANSWER to the question of 'why?' it has to be done that way. I did join the w3Schools-forum, but you apparently can't post there the same day you sign up. The moderator has to check people out, though I admit I'm not sure HOW this is done. The thing with me? I always need to know something right away, or I wouldn't be bothering to research in the first place! So I can probably post there as of today, but I doubt I'll get around to it...

I did finally figure out the answer to why I could get the white space I wanted to display around my photos!

Using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets, for those who aren't familiar with coding webpages), my manuals tell me to use floats (and clears), in conjunction with padding. So I diligently tried it again and again. The simple answer? I ended up using margin rather than padding -- and it worked like a charm!!! This was much, much later, though.

I'm proud that I'm now much more calm when coding is frustrating. I used to get upset or angry, and now I stay cool about it. I still feel frustrated, but I'm dealing with it far better than I used to.

In some ways it's almost like a game to me. I have a problem and need to find the solution. I wonder if Sherlock Holmes ever felt like he was playing a game... ??? Imagine if great detectives (yes, Sherlock is fictional, but still) were actually entertained by their work. What a thought! It's one thing to be challenged (and thus motivated), but the idea of being amused? Priceless, I think.

In the middle of the night when I was awake (more than once), I was coming up with some minor tweaks I want to apply to the above-mentioned template. I almost got out of bed at 4:00 a.m. to try these, but forced myself not to. I can see in my mind's eye exactly what I want, which is always a good thing. But coding it to look that way? It might prove another 'mystery' to 'solve.' The challenge is half the fun, obviously!

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