CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

'New' Notebook. Almost.

I missed my chance to get a 'new' notebook from Donn. He'd done work on one (adding a brand new keyboard) for a customer who couldn't pay for his services. Basically she told him to go ahead and sell it.

The price was so good that I did seriously consider buying it. I'd love to have a laptop (I haven't had one in years -- and what I did have way-back-when wasn't really any good). But I've got better places to put my $$$ anyway, so this is just as well.

Here's what it looked like, anyway!

Look at the SIZE of the keyboard! Huge.
I have to admit love it. (The size of
laptop/notebook keyboards drives me nuts.)

It was designed for doing graphics,
so has a really bright screen.

It's pretty big, though...

The monitor is 17"! (whew)

Not meant to be. And that's okay. As I said before, I really couldn't afford it, anyway.
Tags: 2009, computer, donn, february-2009

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