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Doing My 'Work' Thing...

I was just walking up and down on the main floor of the festival office, trying to figure out what all is inside each of the cubicles...

One of my responsibilities is setting up stations for people (obviously including computers) when they start here. The first of the year is when our Seasonal people (including Interns) start working, so I've been working on that.

Adam (he goes to Portland State University and is an Intern) started today. I got his computer set up last week. I didn't do his full orientation for computers (Mandy had done most of it already), but I did tell him a few basics. I didn't really get any idea of his skills, as normally I assess people while doing the orientation (which often proves pretty helpful later on).

Natalie (the Seasonal receptionist) doesn't start until NEXT Monday -- so there's time to finish up the rest of her setup (hopefully tomorrow). That includes putting a LOCAL PRINTER on her computer for her to use for printing out receipts (etc.). It should be handy to have the printer right at her station (the front desk), because it's often difficult for the receptionist to get away to run to the printer somewhere else. (This is new this year, but I think it's a good answer!)

Of the five computers I 'tested' out last week and today, only one had to be put Out of Service, so that's a good thing. And I'm pretty sure it only had Windows 2000 as the OS, so it's not a big loss. The best of the remaining four computers went to Adam -- and has something hinkey going on with it. Every time you open a Microsoft Office program, it tries to run the install again. You simply cancel and it finally lets you open the application (!!!), but obviously it shouldn't be doing that! Of course, his computer was the main computer on site for the Auction, where we had the power surge incident. (sigh) So there's probably no way around it. Clearly these incidents corrupt the software (considering what I've put up with myself with my computer after the Auction back in 2007) -- and it's also clearly a Microsoft Office 2000 and 2003 PROBLEM (my research showed that!). Microsoft kindly suggests upgrading to 2007 as the one and only solution, by the way! Thanks, guys.

I need to do a new list of all the computer equipment that shows which computers have gone out of service and what now remains. Hell, I need to do a lot of things IT-related, but I never quite seem to get to all of it...

I also have some website-related work to get to, so if not tonight (probably not, frankly), then tomorrow (maybe). I am coming to work tomorrow.

We (Angel, Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I) have another Willamette Writers writing-related lecture tomorrow night after work. This time it's Elisabeth Naughton doing a presentation on how to balance writing and life. I could use that, for sure!

And I need to finish (start???) my Writing Circle piece that's due today. I hope I have until midnight! I assume so, knowing that Marilyn hasn't started her own, yet! (smile) They're due today -- then we meet a week from today (next Monday night). We're now supposed to read and review all of the work done by our members before then. (Our current leader, Marilyn, will be sending all of them out to each of us.)

I have a new idea about what I'm going to write, anyway. We'll see how it goes!

It's headed toward 6:30 p.m. now, and we're the last people left in the office (Marilyn and me, that is). I've no clue what I'm making for dinner when we get home, but I'm sure I'll figure out something. Tomorrow night we'll be going out for dinner before the lecture, so that should be fun!

As usual, my life is busy and happy. I need to play catch up here at LiveJournal with all my friends -- and over at facebook, too. But it's all good!

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