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Crazy Fog!

For the record, this is NOT a weather whine. Seriously! I get it that we're really lucky not to be suffering what so many people back East in the U.S. are suffering. (No power always sucks, but no power when it's really, really cold? BAD.)

I just thought the fog was weird tonight!

On the 11:00 p.m. news, I hear the weather dude saying Portland had super low visibility due to fog.

So I went to the front door and looked out -- and there was barely a sign of any fog here.

Five minutes later I took out the last of the garbage and recycling and WHAM! The fog had rolled in and was so thick I could barely make out my neighbor who was directly across the street from me!

It was that fast. My neighbor Doug had noticed the same thing and we were both pretty shocked...

Anyway, it inspired me to make a 'fog' icon. (smile)

In Australian Open tennis news, Roger Federer is MURDERING Andy Roddick. (yikes) Well, that's the Roger we all know!

Tags: 2009, fog, january-2009, roger-federer, tennis, weather

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