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Busy Day (Festival Work and More) -- And Some Bad News

I got the eNewsletter done (that goes out tomorrow) -- and it looks great! I continue to be pleased with these and feel that the quality remains tip top. Go, ME! (smile)

I also did some IT Management things (over an hour of research, plus Remote login as the Administrator to check some settings and change another. Once again I'm pleased with what I'm learning along the way, so it's all good.

I got the garbage and recycling done really early (!!!) and put the new toilet seat on. Odd thing! The old one broke (!!!) when it got really cold during that awful weather -- and I got around to putting it on before today. (That bathroom does get cold, but what a weird thing to happen! I used white duct tape to fix it -- which worked really well, by the way.)

I cooked homemade shrimp soup and open-faced chicken sandwiches (prepared under the broiler) for dinner. It all turned out quite nicely. The chicken sandwiches were on very crisp Italian bread, spread with creamy white cheese and sun-dried tomatoes, lightly browned. It made the chicken quite tender! The soup had onion and just a touch of red wine for added flavor.

I also took my Inbox (at home) down from around 300 emails to under 120! I so needed to do that...

So it's been a busy and satisfying day.

But I also got some bad news about two friends today.

Our friend Mark had a small stroke on Monday. The doctors say (???) that it's not related to his recent surgery, but Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I don't buy that. He ended up in the hospital and they were going to let him go home, but decided to keep him for observation. Good thing, as now they've found some heart murmur they need to watch!

I did get to speak to Mark (by phone), which was nice. His spirits seem good. Hopefully we'll know more tomorrow!

Another dear friend, Dick Powers (a local photographer that we've known for decades) has cancer. I'm so upset to hear it. I absolutely LOVE this man -- he's just one of my close buddies. I really hope he'll be okay.

I need to do some serious praying for both Mark and Dick. They're just great guys and I feel awful for both of them...

I truly believe in the POWER of prayer, as corny as that may sound. I've seen some amazing things happen during my life. Whether you think of it as positive thoughts, or as prayer, I believe it can make a huge difference.

I've been doing even more praying that normal recently, as I want to write a book that focuses on prayer. I suppose in a way this book has been inside me since I was a child, seeing as everyone (including the doctor) believed that prayer saved my life at age five when I nearly died during surgery...

The book is something I'd like to try, anyway. So we'll see how it goes! Some days I feel like I've got a PILE of books just waiting for me to WRITE THEM. I guess I'd better get started on it this year. (smile)

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