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Australian Open Tennis! (And Lazy/Sick Saturday...)

In the middle of the night (4:00 a.m.) I watched the AMAZING Gonzalez/Gasquet match! Wow, did they BOTH play some incredible tennis in the fifth set!!! Gonzalez really had to earn that win, I'm telling you...

And now Roger Federer is playing Berdich and in a fifth set!!! Roger in a fifth set??? What's going on?

Marilyn mistressmarilyn is next to me playing Zuma, and Henry (Tudor Cat) is on the chair behind her, grandly ordering us to 'pay attention to me' (as usual). I just had him in my arms for ages. (smile)

Marilyn had to WORK today (Court orientation -- the first one). Actually, I worked today, too. I put up a new Flash slideshow (of the Court through the years) on the festival Home page, and a News item about the Court (that's FOUR pages of code, but who happens to be counting?) -- which also appears on the Home page. I'd done most of the work for it yesterday, but I had to finish it up and make it Live today.

And I talked to friend June june_bug_w today via phone -- and used LogMeIn.Com to help fix her email. For some reason all her filters (or whatever they're called) were totally screwed up. One of her friends kept going directly into her DELETED folder (!!!), and I never could see WHY that was happening... But it's all good now!

She's already written her short story submission for our next Writing Circle meeting. And, no, I haven't even tried to start mine yet! So don't ask. (Our next meeting is Monday, February 9, so I do have some time.)

Roger finally won -- but he was seriously on the ropes at one point, I kid you not! (yikes)

We might buy a new mystery game now to play. We love those!

Tomorrow (Sunday) we're going with Angel to see Christina Katz as part of the Northwest Author Series, which is sponsored by The Wilsonville Public Library, The Wilsonville Arts & Culture Council, and The Friends of the Wilsonville Library. It runs 2:30 - 4:30 p.m.

Becoming visible is more crucial to landing a book deal than ever, according to agents and editors in every facet of the publishing industry. Simply churning out a book isn't enough. Aspiring authors need to develop a platform in order to get noticed. Based on her book, Get Known Before the Book Deal, Christina Katz, will help you see the bigger platform picture and then take the small steps every writer must in order to get known and land a book deal.

It sounds interesting and useful, so we're looking forward to it. This will be the third lecture Marilyn, Angel and I have attended together!

Yes, yes -- life is busy and happy (in spite of my damn cold). And at least that inversion went away and I can BREATH again, which is a good thing. Well, except for my stuffed up nose, that is. (grin)

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