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Visit from Jessica! And LiveJournal 'Lessons' at My House...

We had a lovely visit from our friend Jessica pb_n_jam after work tonight! She brought (many!) nice and tasty snacks (and we also had leftover chicken and rice casserole), so it was all good.

We hadn't seen her in some time, so it was great to catch up! And we finally got to give her the "Newsies" DVD we bought for her ages ago. (Jessica is the only other person I know who is as crazy about "Newsies" as Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I are...)

I gave "LiveJournal Lessons" to sister Sue suzy_qp and friend June june_bug_w -- and a little bit to Jessica, too (though she's done FaceBook so she totally gets the idea).

I did sleep in this morning -- and took it pretty easy. The cold is kicking my butt a bit, but it's still not awful.

I did a TON of research on Remote Access AGAIN -- and wrote up many pages on things I discovered. Whether that's going to help me get Madhu and others able to finally Remote or not is still the question! I need to see the EXACT error message, and if I can't it's next to impossible for me to give advice... (sigh)

My IT Manual (which is illustrated with helpful images) should end up being pretty impressive by the time I get it done, I guess. Of course, I don't know that it will ever be 'done,' considering there's always something new! The manual has helped ME out several times. Now and then it's helpful just because I can remember the steps without looking at the manual, simply from the work that went into typing it up and checking it over (and over and over). Like my old days of writing up tutorials for Paint Shop Pro, I find there's no better way to actually learn something myself!

Well, I need to take meds and get a nap now. Jessica phoned and is safely home (smile), so I can now lie down.

I'm excited to see all three (Sue, June and Jess) start blogging here. Now they need to join some communities, get more friends and just get used to LJ.

I know that I love it to bits. I can't imagine my world without it!

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