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National Day of Renewal and Reconciliation, 2009 -- and the 2009 Australian Open

President Obama used the White House blog to declare January 20, 2009, a National Day of Renewal and Reconciliation. It's an impressive proclamation and a good way to get started.

By the way, I'm impressed that Obama took charge of the WhiteHouse.Org website so quickly and smoothly. I think the White House website is really elegant and lovely. Personally, I like a very simple design that's easy to navigate. (And I'm not always that easy to please, so...)

What an amazing day. There was a sort of 'party' feel all day long.

In other news, the Australian Open started yesterday. (And, NO, I don't like their website at all. Too bad that like most tennis websites, they don't get that less is more... sigh...)

Even when I'm not actually watching the tennis, I love listening to it. It's very comforting, somehow. I enjoy hearing the discussion of various players and their skills and training, the history of the game and on and on. It also seems like a sign that spring isn't too far away, when the tennis season starts! And, of course, it's summer Down Under!

I can't wait for the warm weather and it's only January. But watching tennis gives me hope that we'll soon be playing again. (smile)
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