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Work and (belated) Christmas Gathering.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn didn't feel well this morning, so we went in a bit late to the office...

Anyway, it was a busy, busy day. I was dashing around in the afternoon in order to be ready to leave on time!

We closed at 4:00 p.m. in order to go to a local place for drinks and finger food (at reasonable prices). We did our gift exchange. Marilyn's gift was "The Dark Knight" DVD, and this was the most popular gift this year. (It was stolen the most times.) Madhu got my Rice Cooker. Marilyn got a mug containing rose-flavored tea bags, and I got some cooking-oriented goodies (including Raspberry-flavored honey).

I didn't get time to give out the small gifts -- and our Christmas cards -- from Marilyn and me (via our in-house mailboxes), as I was just too damn busy. Maybe I'll have time next week!

I did numerous IT-related chores and some essential website changes, too. This included setting up an entirely new web page for 'special offers' (such as coupons, etc.). It's done, but needs some tweaking.

With Marilyn having been sick in the middle of the night (early morning), we didn't get much sleep last night. So after getting home and having dinner, we both had much-needed naps.

I'm planning on go in again on Tuesday, I think. I have a lot planned for tomorrow, too, prior to the (happy dance) three-day weekend! (woo hoo)

Rich suggested Marilyn and I consider a drive to the coast, which sounded pretty cool to me! I guess there's a place were a lot of the beach has been washed away, revealing rock beds and tons of agates!

Okay, I did some research and found the agates are at (surprise!!!) Agate Beach!) in Newport, Oregon. Plus Rich mentioned the 'ghost trees' in Neskowin, Oregon (near Lincoln City, Oregon) -- and these look pretty cool!

We probably need to go to the office over the three-day -- and we'd both like to write on our novels, but the beach trip sounds like a fun possibility, anyway. And it's supposed to be sunny this weekend!

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