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Dental Woes.

I've had my current abscess since November (as mentioned HERE). I'm on my THIRD round of Azithromycin (recently finished) to try and control the infection. I appear to be running a pretty constant low-grade fever. And who knows what other health issues I'm experiencing as a result?

I recently 'fired' (quit seeing) my long-time dentist, Dr. Mary Fischer. She was unable to do the root canal I needed and gave me a referral that was far too expensive for me to even consider.

I tried a dentist that Sara suggested, but their Board of Directors voted a year ago only to accept new patients who have dental insurance -- which (obviously) I don't have.

I've spent HOURS today researching, looking for affordable alternatives. The School of Dentistry at OHSU has fees that run 1/2 to 2/3 what would normally be paid, but they require up to two visits per week for whatever they're working on, and four hours per visit. (They need the time to slowly explain what's going on for students, after all.)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn said that even though I'm not paid for my work, my time is still too valuable for this. I'd also need to find some way to get there -- and if we're discussing public transportation, then I could easily add an hour plus each way, making it six hours each visit.

A local office that sent us a post card recently made it clear they'd be MORE expensive than the referral Mary gave me -- meaning more than $2,000 per root canal (again, I might need two root canals). I had an online referral that praised them (and did mention the high costs), so Marilyn asked me to phone them. They're actually walking distance from my home. But I'm not crazy about potentially putting $4,000 into my mouth, so...

Since starting this, I've spent time away on other things. So, 45 minutes later, I've yet to finish this entry... surprise! (smile)

I've spent more than four hours on the dental thing today and am now officially moving on. Marilyn and I can talk it over tonight when she gets home from the office.

But doesn't it seem WRONG that I can't afford to see a dentist when it's as serious as this is? Shouldn't everyone be able to afford dental care? And dentists wonder why we don't visit them more often? Come on now! (And don't even get me started on medical care...)

Well, I have a ton of work I need to tackle, so I'm going to get to it. I spent several hours yesterday over and June and Jim's house. I worked a little on June's computer -- and helped her start her own LiveJournal blog! (If any of you are interested in friending her, she'd love it! Her username is june_bug_w.) She hasn't posted to her blog yet, but will be starting up very soon.

Oh! And June and Jim gave Marilyn and me a wonderful Sunbeam Hot Shot yesterday. June swore it WASN'T a Christmas present (we agreed not to exchange with each other), but just a gift. (smile) Marilyn was thrilled -- and I am, too. I just need to find counter space for using it...

Sunbeam Hot Shot
The Sunbeam Hot Shot.

More later, I hope -- depending on how much work I get done today!
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