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Work and Writing Circle...

I was in the office today until around 11:00 a.m.

I needed to get Ashley set up (she was VERY impressive on the computer, by the way) and do a few other IT-related things.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn brought me home after that, so I could clean a bit (very little, actually) and do the cooking for tonight.

One of our three men dropped out this morning (I don't know if that was temporary or not), so we're now seven, rather than eight. There should be plenty of food and drink and FUN had by all.

And we should also be heading toward a somewhat more serious group now, with the focus on getting published.

I re-worked my 500-word drabble (which might end up in my current novel, in an edited form) this morning. I just found a couple things I wasn't pleased with, so I tweaked one last time.

I've already managed to get both cats downstairs for the evening, so that's good, too.

I found another novel-oriented contest today for people who have a finished and ready-to-publish book with an early February deadline. Marilyn and I are wondering if we could have our novels ready by then, as it seems like a really good opportunity with amazing prizes...

I have piles of WORK to do for the festival, and will get busy on it this week. I'm probably going to be working from home until Thursday, though. That's the day we're finally going to do our Staff Christmas get-together at 4:00 p.m. So it makes sense for me to work at the office on a day I need to be there, anyway...

I made a HUGE break-through with an IT problem on Friday, using my own notes/manual and some give-it-a-try guts. (grin) A task that normally would be done by Kent (one of his guys) can now be done by me, so that can potentially save some $$$. (Plus it adds to what I know, which I'm always glad of.) I seriously didn't think I could do it (and I was really burned about the need for me to try), but I reasoned it out. Who knew? So many times it seems like IT stuff is exactly a 'who knew' sort of thing... (smile)

Jodi should be here any time. June hoped to be early, but her meeting must have held her up. Sue was also going to be later than planned. The last I heard from Marilyn, she was planning to try and be home before 5:30 -- we'll see how that goes. We expect Dick to be the last to arrive, which was always pretty typical for him...

I'm very, very excited for our first meeting with the new group! This should be fun!

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