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Garbage and Recycling? So Much Fun.

I went outside to find my garbage and recycling roll carts had BOTH been knocked over and OPEN by the high winds.

Needless to say, I had to spend some time picking up the contents that had been blown all over the yard and down the alley. (sigh)

I'm thankful I didn't have more of it out at that point, if you want to know the truth.

Anyway, I finished up and hauled it all down to the curb. Then I looked around and got a little freaked out by the fact that nobody else had their cans out!

I came inside to hunt for info, but didn't discover any delays for this week. But I got worried that the reason nothing was out was because my neighbors are smarter than me -- and they know the wind is going to knock it all down and spread it to kingdom come!

So I went back out (big sigh) and hauled it all back inside the garage. I was afraid to try leaning them against the house, because that's where I'd had the garbage can earlier today, for all the good it did me.

This means I'll need to get up early tomorrow and take it all back down to the curb yet again.

How lovely it was being out in the dark, in the pouring rain and high winds getting this done! I can't wait for repeat performance.

Oh. And I'd done the cat boxes earlier and left the bag of old litter lying in the center of the garage, stupid me. So Marilyn mistressmarilyn didn't see it when she got home (it's black in a dark garage, after all) and she pulled right over it! I had to make her go out and move the car so I could get to it.

Happily, I'd had the bad in the center of the floor, so the tires didn't tear it and spread dirty kitty litter and cat feces all over for me to clean up. I think that out-weighs all the bad things, so I'll go to bed with a smile on my face, thank you very much!

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