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Writing Away.

I finished my two short stories today. One is just under 1,000 words, the other is just under 750 words.

This proves it's not that hard to write 1,700 words a day. In fact, I'm convinced it's possible to write 2,000 words a day without pushing too hard.

Not only did I write these stories, but I've re-drafted each several times and have finished pieces tonight. (I plan to submit them to the two different competitions tomorrow.)

Of course, it doesn't hurt that (as always) I have Marilyn mistressmarilyn to beta for me! I'm so lucky. She really knows her stuff and always gives me great advice.

Once again they're written in the Children genre, which appears to be my personal niche. I've certainly written a wide variety of other genres, but for some reason this is my current focus.

I have to say that it's really satisfying to have these two stories done. I like what I've written and feel entirely comfortable putting them out where people can read them. (Yes, I'll also share them here for anyone interested in reading them -- right after the two competitions have ended.)

It's interesting that I haven't really shared much of my fiction that's non-fanfic. But that's going to change this year...

Well, I've got "Frasier" on and a cat (Henry) sitting beside me in the office as I type this. My friend Jessica pb_n_jam posted to her blog today (woo hoo) -- and I'm hoping she'll find LiveJournal as wonderful as I do!

I've done the cat boxes, but I need to finish up the rest of the garbage and recycling (yes, it's that time again). The wind is AWFUL and I suspect it's still pouring rain, so I'm not much looking forward to it. (When do I ever?) But it's going on 1:00 a.m. now, so I need to get to it.

I adore my new Iomega eGo portable hard drive!!! I've moved my entire 'My Pictures' folder there -- which took hours to do -- and can access it as easily as I did on my D: drive. Pretty awesome! (That folder was 15 gigs, believe it or not. Almost 3,000 subfolders, containing almost 107,000 files!)

Actually, I've backed up My Pictures at this point. I hope to start actually removing things from the D: drive tomorrow. Considering it's close to FULL now, it's going to be great to get more free room. I guess I had to be sure the eGo was working okay before I started to delete. (smile)

A cool feature of the eGo is that it acts just like another drive. It even has a Recycle Bin and system files. Interesting! And it's so small. It fits easily in one hand. It plugs in just like a jump drive, except that it requires two USB ports, rather than one. But it doesn't need a power source, which is cool.

Okay, I promise not to bore you further with eGo stats. But I'm glad they had the sale and we bought them. I think it was a very smart move.

Time to get to work -- and then to bed!

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