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LOTR Icons...

I've been on a kick, making new icons! LOL.

Recently it's been "Troy" (a few weeks back) and--most recently--"Harry Potter" and "LOTR." (I wonder why... LOL!)

Here's a few 'teaser' LOTR icons:

I have literally piles more. LOL.

I'm going to put some over at the LOTR icon community (maybe tomorrow)...

I spent part of today making LOTR MPreg art--and LORT MPreg banners for the new community and Yahoo! Group Marilyn mistressmarilyn and made. We haven't got them quite ready to go yet. (Maybe this weekend... ???)

I'll 'pimp' them properly for those interested when they're ready (of course). LOL.

So much to share! But LJ has sucked to try and use both yesterday (most of the day) and today! So I gave up trying.

Need to write about Sandy, my friend June (and her husband and step-mother Pauline) and Sue. And the crap at work for (poor) Marilyn!

And the lawn (and Hector) and the weather here. And going to the play (and dinner) tonight! Such fun!

And getting the 'extended' DVDs of the first two LOTR movies!!! (Hurray!)

And on and on and on...

Anyway, I've missed you guys! First my computer was out (both were!) and then LJ is out. (sigh)

More soon. I'm tired now (long day) and need to head to bed (seeing as it's past 1:00 now)...

Oh! I also colored my hair today. Boy, did it need it! (grin)

Night all!

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