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My Current Good News...

We got four free tickets to go and see Neil Diamond in concert on Thursday night. Joining Marilyn mistressmarilyn (and me) will be our sister Sue and her friend (and ours), Greta (she's the woman who gave us Kittie Scarlett, way back when). We've seen him many, many times before, though not recently. He gives an incredible concert, I have to say. (And free is a very good price!)

We're planning to attend a lecture at the Portland Chapter of Willamette Writers tonight. Eric Witchey is giving a presentation on How to Turn Critiques into Useful Revisions. His next article for The Writer Magazine (the longest published writer's magazine in America), appears in the January issue, where he writes about how to get the most from critiques and how to give the most to your critique group.

We're starting up our Writing Circle again next Monday, so this is timely for us!

iomega hard drive

Our new Iomega portable hard drives came today. I haven't had too much time to play around with one, but we certainly can use the extra space! (They're 250gb each -- and a lovely cherry red!) I'm testing mine, so we'll see how it goes. (Everyone knows how much I love my many jump drives, so...)

My neck isn't quite as painful and I feel a little less dizzy from my vertigo today. (I ended up taking two pills yesterday. The first one had me sleeping soundly on the livingroom sofa. The second one that I took at 6:00 p.m. made me sleep for six hours straight, which is UNHEARD OF for me, ever.)

I stuck the oil and we have a good 130 gallons of oil left. So we can wait a bit before ordering again, if we want to.

Sister Sue picked up my prescription for me so I can start taking it (again).

I took down all the outdoor Christmas decorations, including the wreath, both signs, the outdoor tree and all the other lights.

I've started taking down the indoor decorations, as well. Most of them are down and boxed up, but I need to put all the boxes away. Only some of the boxes have been moved downstairs (where they get stored), but I think I'm done in for today.

I'm hoping Marilyn and I can finish up by taking down our tree together. That probably won't happen before this weekend, but that's okay.

For those who don't know, today is Little Christmas.

Our mom always celebrated this day, as did her own mother (our grandma Elsie). I can't seem to find a google reference to this having Swedish roots, but both mom and grandma were total Swedes -- so I suspect it must have some. (smile)

Yes, I'm part Irish, but it's on my dad's side -- and it appears that mainly the Irish recognize the holiday.

Today is Grandma Elsie's birthday -- and it was also the day my Mom (Gloria) died. Sort of a triple-threat day.

In cat-related news, sister Sue (with Marilyn rushing from work to help out) took Saxon to the vet yesterday. She'd phoned me to help, but I was completely medicated and totally out of it at that point -- so it was wonderful that Marilyn was able to get away. Sue was expecting to have Saxon put down, but instead the doctor talked her into releasing him to some program where he might be adopted by someone else. The vet then takes on the expense of testing (which was going to be quite costly) to see if it's reasonable to have him in the program, or if he should just be put down. We won't know the outcome, which is a hard thing, but Sue (and family -- the cat is actually her daughter Candy's cat) wasn't able to afford the cost of numerous tests.

When our cat Indy was so ill, we paid quite a bit for testing -- and it ended up that it would have been extremely costly to attempt a treatment that would have more than likely failed. We had him put down (he was missing April terribly and had stopped eating) at additional cost (beyond the tests), and were glad we'd been able to afford what was done. I know responsible pet owners want to do as much as they can for a beloved pet, but sometimes it's just impossible in the face of costs.

I'm going to lie down now so I can hopefully go tonight and be rested!
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