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Annoyances -- Minor and Otherwise.

I need to find a new dentist today (soon?) who won't put me (actually, us) in the poorhouse. That's not an easy thing, considering I have no dental insurance and no idea where to go. It was practically divine intervention when I got my last dentist (thanks to help from my cousin Linda) -- and I've spent my life with a ridiculous fear of dentists. I'm over the fear, thankfully, but finding a new one still gives me fits. (sigh)

A review of the new dishwasher? It's fine. That's not saying much in our house, where 'fine' means something is barely above sucky. I miss my old one so much! I used to pre-wash my dishes a lot with the old model, I admit -- but probably didn't need to. This new one isn't supposed to need it, but clearly does. I can't tell you how much I hate to pull dishes out and find FOOD particles still clinging to them. (yuck) I've had to re-wash and just wash things by hand in the sink. In fact, I'm thinking about finding places where I can REVIEW the model and really letting go. (heh) I didn't buy the base models that were available exactly because I didn't want a sucky dishwasher. But on the other hand, I didn't want to spend a fortune, either! (That we don't have, anyway.) I know a dishwasher is far from the most important appliance in the house, so I'm trying not to be bugged. But considering I feel responsible for getting it in the first place and then making the choice? Well, yeah, I've made better picks...

Vertigo? Go away. Come again another day. Or better still, just go away. I thought maybe I was over vertigo attacks. But yesterday and now this morning, it's clearly not the case. Do I assume it's all about the issue with the abscess in my mouth (as Marilyn mistressmarilyn does), or has it been brought on by something else? I'm feeling so crummy that I'm thinking about taking a Meclizine (which I pretty much avoid like the plague).

Christmas? I loved you (even though you ended up really lowkey), but it's time for you to go now. If I can stand up and walk straight, I'd like to start putting away the decorations. Of course, the tradition is to do it tomorrow (on Little Christmas), so maybe I'll wait. According to the Irish (I'm part), it's UNLUCKY to take them down before then (!!!). Not that I worry much about luck, but why push it? (smile)

It's 11:30 a.m. now and I started typing this up around 9:00 a.m.! Where did the time go?

I'll tell you where!
(Yes. I'm still annoyed.)

Laura started back at the festival (in a new position) today. Um... I didn't KNOW she was starting back (surprise, Charlie!), so I didn't have her set up IT-wise. I'm delighted she's back (I adore Laura) and can't wait to work with her again! She's a kindred spirit, for sure. But that did take some of my time, as we remove emails and logins when a person leaves the festival...

Just figuring out WHERE I was putting her (on what computer) was a big deal. I need to get in to the office and check out the entire roster of computers. I need to see if the four that went to the Auction are okay or not (we had an 'incident' again) and decide which station will be getting which computer for 2009. That's not a one day job, either, I'm afraid... (I'm hoping to go into the office tomorrow, depending on how I feel.)

Also, when someone 'new' starts at the festival, I also need to remind everyone on Staff to 'add' them to their calendar share. So I had to search for my standard email (via Remote Access), edit it to be current and send that out, too. IT Management work, how I love you! (Okay, I do, even when it's a pain...)

Then at 9:45 a.m., I got an email from Lauren, who helps track the festival website. I'd done most of the list of changes (which were originally from Mandy), though some were new to me -- and I'm waiting to hear from Marilyn about whether or not we're going to actually do some others (it's complicated to explain). I'd like to be as CURRENT with the website as possible, so it will be easier to maintain this year (hopefully!!!).

Anyway, I often wonder what people would say about the site if they were looking at the raw code! I do a lot (seriously, a TON) of commenting -- and what I refer to as 'commenting out' Copy. I do this because I learned THE HARD WAY that I might be asked to dump something, and then have someone turn around and ask me to add it back again! If I've commented it out, then it's fairly simple to change, but if it's GONE, then I have to totally re-create it (!!!). So...

I'd have loved it if Lauren had caught the misspelled word I found during the work, because I only rarely get people to help me proof the website. That second pair of eyes can be a real boon, as even the best proofreader will miss their own mistakes. But at least I saw it this time around while making a totally different change! (So, go me, I guess.)

I'm waiting on Marilyn to review the list I sent HER -- so I can send it back to Lauren and figure out where I stand now. Of course, Marilyn found me a LOT MORE website work to do when we were talking on the phone, so I've got plenty to keep me busy!

There's no way I'm getting everything done I'd planned to today. No. Way.

I still feel like crap (it's now almost 1:00 p.m., by the way) and I'm still thinking about taking my meds and LYING DOWN (the meds make you super-sleepy).

This was supposed to be my first day of exercise (my new program). But I don't think I'll be able to stand doing anything. I'm way too dizzy. And the neck pain? Awful.

Well, at least I DID get my Azithromycin (generic Zithromaz) called in. Not that I'm anxious to go on it again, but what the hell else can I do? (The side effects are truly not nice. And I did one pack back the end of November and one the first part of December, so...)

I haven't even had a cup of coffee yet today. But I just turned up the heat for the third time, and it's finally warm enough for me. (Yeah, I got dressed in there at some point, too, which also helped!)

There are good things going on, but I'll leave them for a more upbeat entry, I think... Later on. Perhaps much later on. (heh)

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