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More Photos to Share from the Holidays!

I seem to have several photos that I didn't share from the holidays, so I thought I'd do that here.

I'd never gotten around to sharing a picture of our Christmas tree, for one thing. So I've finally done it! (smile)

Christmas tree 2008
Here's our 2008 Christmas tree!
(We got a new artificial tree this year.
It's another half-foot taller than our old
tree was.)

Christmas tree black and white
And here's our tree in black and white.
(Just to be artistic, I guess!)

Christmas tree
Here's another photo of our Christmas tree.
In one spot we have an actual bird nest, with
three eggs. We put Mom's two vintage birds with it.

Henry under the Christmas tree
Here's our cat Henry under the tree.
You can see one of his Christmas cat
toys beside him.

Henry and Colin under Christmas tree
Here are both cats -- Henry and Colin -- under
the Christmas tree. You can see a Christmas
cat toy near Colin.

Henry out in the snow
Here's Henry out in the snow. You can't
make it out, but in the larger version
snowflakes showed all over his fur!
He seemed to really like it, but we
didn't leave him out for long.

Colin standing in our Christmasvillage
Here's our cat Colin standing in our Christmas
village. He loves to do this! If you look on
the right, you can see Mom's beloved music box
church that used to belong to Grandma Elsie.

Father Christmas
Here's 'Father Christmas' on our coffee table.
(You can see we have two of these.)

And we finally got our Christmas Eve
Chinese food on December 28!
(Here's my plate full of food.)
It was yummy!

Believe it or not, we STILL have traces of SNOW on the ground outside. (sigh) We are sick to death of snow around here...

By the way, I watched a ton of "I Love Lucy" reruns today. I still love that show!
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