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I'm Screwed. We Have Computer 'Issues' (again)

Just a quick note from the Festival office (where I am until we head 'on site' for our current event, the Portland Arts Festival.

I was online quite a bit yesterday, actually.

Right up until I wasn't able to be, that is!

I've no clue what happened. At first I thought it was our ISP, but no. Nothing that simple! LOL.

I spent half an hour on the phone (with the air conditioner off in order to hear) in the office last evening. No go.

I was dying by the time I got off the phone! (Yesterday was over 90 degrees and that room gets HOT.)

Anyway, I'm glad to have this chance to be 'in office' at PRFA so I can at least get on and tell a couple of my communities what's up with me.

Not that they can even reach me via comments right now!

Do I totally hate being offline? You betcha! Sucks.

So I don't know if the comp. needs to go in. Or the router. Or the network hub. Or both comps. Or what.

I don't know if I'll need to have my tech come to the house and try to figure it out (or when I can book him, if so).

Cost? Hell, what's money? We're rolling in it, right?

The Festival did so poorly they'll have to freeze all salaries this year. Marilyn's mistressmarilyn has been there the past three years, anyway! (Not even a 'cost of living' raise. sigh.) So...

But this could be a year where we're wondering if the Festival will even survive financially, who knows? Sad, really...

Anyway, we've got the Portland Arts Festival today and over the weekend (on site). Tear down is a bitch and a half lot of hard, physical work. (Sunday.)

Plus Marilyn is still dealing with that 'Ambush Makeover' thing. (It was on. It was off. It was on again. It was off again. It's currently on. Whatever!) A little sttressful getting ready to do national TV, anyway, for her!

Then she mentions to me that I'll probably be there, too, for the reveal on Sunday! (Hadn't even occurred to me! Yikes and double yikes.)

We're both so hung up on LOTR (or LotR, if you're picky) right now! Can't wait to write more fic when this festival (and Marilyn's upcoming surgery) are finally over!

We finished watching the third movie (late) last night. (We must have seen the first one a dozen times now, at least. LOL.)

I'm almost finished with the first book (good reading, by the way), and ready to start book two.

I was in an icon-making frenzy yesterday, by the way! Made some cool new icons for both Marilyn and me (and friends). And plan to share some around at communities at some point (when I have online access again at home, that is!!!)...

I've been trying to keep up with things at the Paint Shop Pro communities (psp7_beginners and psp8_fun), but I'll have to let that slide for a few days, clearly! Oh well. (I hate it, but it is what it is.)

I haven't heard much from Nik nk_seashore of late. (Or his Mom, for that matter!) I hope everything's okay with them...

I need to write to Kevin kevinr and let him know my problem (if I get the chance, that is)...

Well, dear friends, I'll be 'back' regularly as soon as possible!

I'll do the best I can to get my computer (computers, router, hub, whatever) fixed by early next week. (Hope it doesn't cost too damn much!)

Sorry if I haven't read and/or commented! (You know I love to keep up with all of you!!!)

I'm going insane here. (sigh)

Oh well, I'm too busy to worry about it, anyway! (Why does this crap always happen on or near weekends?)

Take care and have a great weekend!

(Do you just love my 'Aragorn tears for Boromir' icon? It took ages to get it to work for LJ... LOL.)


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