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Happy 2009, Everybody!

We opened the back door to let 2008 go out (smile) -- and waved goodbye. (I cried as I said farewell -- 2008 had many good moments for me.)

Then we did the countdown with TV (as every year) and went out on the front porch to ring Marilyn's mistressmarilyn 'Baby Bell' and my 'White Christmas Bell' (we actually skipped our usual routine with all the traditional noisemakers we've had our whole life), greeting the New Year quietly. None of our neighbors came out on their porches this year, but after we were back in the house, some neighbor set off some EXTREMELY LOUD (and almost frightening) fireworks...

We spoke to several people and received some text messages and it's all good. How exciting to face a brand new year! Today is Portland's first day with our new Mayor, Sam Adams. And soon the entire country will officially welcome our new President, Barack Obama!

And to all my friends:

Happy New Year from Charlie!
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