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Marilyn ROCKS -- She's Still Cleaning Away!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn amazes me!

After we did some cleaning (late) last night, she was back at it again today! So while I napped and fixed dinner, she cleaned in her walk-in closet (dressing room) AND in the family room! Pretty impressive to me...

I've been so bad about CLEANING during 2008. Actually, one of my big GOALS for 2009 is to get much (much) better about it! I want things to be orderly, less cluttered and just way more clean, period. It helps both our sanity and our health when we're not dealing with where to put things (and find them!) and not breathing the dust (etc.).

(And I won't even mention the laundry, my plants, and lots of other home-related work...)

Sister Sue got her hair colored (and trimmed) today -- and it took more than TWO HOURS (!!!). After she was done, she swung by to get me and we joined Marilyn and Angel at the St. Johns Starbucks. I took all my recent gift cards and put them on my custom card. So I'm good for Starbucks for a while now, anyway. (smile)

It was fun chatting -- and we're getting ready to start up our Writing Circle again (woo hoo), with the two of us and Angel. I think Jodi has been interested -- so I plan to ask her, too. I don't know who else we'll include, but it's great to get back to it. We're planning to meet (at our house, as always) in two weeks from now. I really can't wait!

We hope to go see "Valkyrie" soon. I've always been something of a WWII buff (I've read so much about it over the years), so I'm excited to see it. We'd talked about doing that today, but just didn't get the time.

Well, it's time for "Frasier," so I'll close for today. I can't believe it's almost New Year's Eve! What a year...

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