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Busy Day...

Marilyn Got a New Bedding Set!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn got a new King bedding set today, that includes: One comforter, one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, two king pillowcases, two king pillow shams and one bedskirt.

Here's what it looks like:
Marilyn's new bedding set

We just got done lifting the mattress to remove the old dust ruffle and put the new bedskirt (???) in place. Then we made up the bed with the new set, which is quite a change.

We also got two new lamps for her end tables. (I need to take photos to share, I guess.)

We're on a mission to clean house -- and we've officially started with her bedroom. (smile)

Earlier today we went shopping at Wal-Mart (but didn't quite make it grocery shopping). This evening we went and got our manicures (which we needed really, really bad). I also got a pedicure (which I needed really bad, too).

Then we stopped by sister Sue's house briefly, and got to see her Christmas tree and decorations. We also stopped at the book store and picked up a couple books -- plus "The Dark Knight" 2009 calendar (half price).

The car DID run just fine today, so I guess we didn't need a new battery (as I'd so strongly believed). That's a good thing.

Time to have some popcorn and watch "Frasier."
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