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Free at Last. Of the Weather, I Mean! (smile)

No, we didn't get out today. But -- THANKFULLY -- the weather moderated and the snow is scrubbed out now. So we CAN get out tomorrow. Isn't that LOVELY news???

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I spent another quiet day at home, playing computer games, reading (I'm trying to finish the book "American Psycho" -- and it's NOT easy reading, I have to say), watching TV and lazing around.

There's a lot to be said for doing little or nothing, I must say. (smile)

Of course, it would be lovely to get out and have Starbucks and shop, too!

In the 'Good News' category, I talked to sister Sue today and her car is okay again. Her son Larry got a new battery installed and now it's running fine (which is what I'd told her, but I was wasting my voice, frankly). Yes, she has an older car and she worries about it all the time, but it's been getting her where she needs to go just fine, so why complain and why worry? I suspect that a lot of people have had battery issues in this cold weather. Her car sits outside, either under her car port, or totally uncovered, so naturally it's very cold when the weather is cold!

Speaking of car batteries, we did try to start our own car today. Unfortunately, the battery of our car is dead.

Even though our car stays in the garage, it's cold out there (our garage isn't insulated). And obviously we haven't been able to take it out recently! So we weren't surprised when the engine wouldn't turn over today.

Happily, we BOTH have AAA -- and we can even order assistance online (!!!) if we want to. Usually we do it via phone -- and often via cell phone, for obvious reasons! We've had AAA forever -- and we don't use it all that much. But it certainly comes in handy when we need it! We didn't bother to contact them today, because it was late enough that we didn't care that much if we just stayed in. We'll contact them tomorrow and be able to get out, I'm sure. I can't even recall the last time we were out in the car, it's been so long!

We used to have a recurring issue with our current car where we had to get a new battery every couple of years or so, so it wouldn't surprise us if we needed a new battery, too -- and not just a charge. So, whatever! Our car is old, but it does a good job getting us where we need to go, even so. (There's certainly no plan for us to get a new one.)

I'm interested by the fact that neither Marilyn or I had a strong reaction to the car not starting. We were both fine with it, as a matter of fact. Sister Sue was BESIDE HERSELF when her car failed to start -- and was very depressed about it and sure it was something far more serious. I remember saying 'don't borrow trouble' at one point, but as I said before, Sue doesn't tend to listen to me.

Life is full of difficulties and inconveniences for everyone. I think how we deal with those things defines us in many ways. I don't always deal that well, I admit. But Marilyn??? She's incredible. She really knows how to deal with the negative in POSITIVE ways. I think I try more than the average person does, anyway. Probably because I believe in being positive rather than negative. And I'm sure that comes across as one of those nauseating sentiments like 'don't sweat the small stuff' or whatever, but it is one of the reasons we tend to be happy most of the time, after all. If you decide to freak out all the time, then you're inviting unhappiness into your life. I don't think people realize how easy it is to avoid drama and unhappiness. We do actually have control of our lives, because we have control of how WE react to what happens. Enough said.

Actually, I was awake much of the night last night because of the wind. Not for worrying, but because I simply couldn't sleep for the NOISE. But rather than let it bother me, I had a light on and read for hours (in the above-mentioned book). At one point I went into the kitchen and peered out and saw that our garbage can (which was still in our driveway) had been blown over into the street -- and garbage had fallen out.

So I bundled up and went outside and managed to get the can upright again. Then I picked up the garbage and put it back in the can. Finally, I hauled the can back up the driveway, leaving it outside the garage.

I found out today that they didn't even try to pick up garbage here locally (they're that far behind), so we're allowed DOUBLE what we'd normally put out next week. My friend June (and her husband Jim) have a spare can, so they're planning to fill that. I guess we'll have to use large garbage bags -- and put them inside the garage where the can normally sits. So I probably need to make sure the can is in a place where it can't be knocked down by wind (sigh), braced against the house. It's a pain when it's not picked up, but no big deal, really.

In fact, I was very calm about going out to deal with it this morning (even though I was tired from not being able to sleep). It seemed like a small thing, considering all that's been going on recently! (smile)

Well, there's not much else going on right now. I need to phone some people, but I haven't quite gotten around to it yet. (smile) And I could stand to do some housework, too. Lazy, lazy!

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