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Poor Neighbors!

Our neighbor Doug broke his back in a fall outside. On Christmas Eve, Janet (his wife) dropped by our house to bring us their goodies for us (plate of cookies and baked stuff) and a Christmas card -- and told Marilyn mistressmarilyn that Doug had taken a fall and she was taking him to the hospital.

On Christmas Day, June phoned to ask me if I'd heard that Doug had broken his back. At that point I hadn't spoken to Janet, so I didn't know the details. June had heard it from her husband Jim, who had heard it from our neighbor Chuck. My issue with that is that June once told me the neighbor girl Laura had DIED -- and she'd heard it through Jim, via Chuck. So I like to CONFIRM now, before going by that grapevine...

Anyway, I talked to Janet (we holler back and forth -- she's directly across the street from us) today -- and besides Doug having broken his back, their water heater went out! She's just gone to pick up a new one and was getting ready to unload it. I offered to go over and help, but she said it was a 'waterless' one and small, so she'd be okay. I told her to phone me if she needed anything, considering Doug is home right now (!!!). They gave him the choice to stay in the hospital or come home, and I can't blame him for not wanting to stay.

On the other hand, my heart goes out to Janet, who will have to take care of him.

She told me he'd phoned her while she was shopping to tell her he couldn't get off the couch. She'd told him to call their next door neighbor Tom to help -- that she'd left the door unlocked, just in case...

I feel so bad. Doug was out shoveling the walk when Chuck was using the tractor on our walk. (I knew I didn't want to be shoveling. Both Marilyn and I have done it in the past, but we don't bother anymore. It reminds me of those days way-back-when -- Victor used to shovel for us. He's long dead now, and had moved away before his death -- but I still miss him...) I guess Doug fell while doing the walk, anyway!

Hopefully he'll be okay. He's been in a bad motorcycle accident in the past (not to be confused with my friend Donn and HIS motorcycle accident), so he already has some physical issues. Janet and Doug are really nice neighbors (they've had a key to our house since we moved in here). Very 'salt of the earth,' no-nonsense people.

My thoughts and prayers are with them, of course.

The NaBloPoMo theme for December is THANKS, so each day this month I'll try to include something I'm thankful for -- or an example of the word 'thanks.'

I'm thankful for:

Good neighbors! (I'm pretty sure I've said this before -- but you can't say enough about living with good neighbors around you...)

And I'm thankful all is well here (so far). I'm glad we've avoided any trees down, other wind or weather damage and are both in good health (and unhurt).

Believe me, I know just how luck we are!!!
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