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Keep On, Keeping On

I've used my 'Let it Snow!' icon here -- because snow beats the HELL out of freezing rain! (smile)

Forget all those photos I shared before -- our snow is now probably twice as high. It's just unbelievable for Portland, Oregon. Seriously.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn actually ate a green veggie (!!!) with our dinner. And we've had a spicy Bloody Mary tonight, while playing one of our computer games. We just enjoyed one of my home-made nachos and are now sipping Chill beer (mixed with Clamoto). (Yes, we split a beer between us -- and yeah, we're cheap dates when it comes to booze...)

Marilyn dusted and vacuumed the living room while I cleaned in my bedroom and picked up around the house. That included cleaning out our coat closet. We have a huge bag of jackets, coats, hats, gloves and scarves to give to those who need them (some are brand new or close) -- but no way to get them anywhere at this point. We're totally snowbound -- and the Mayor Elect has asked everyone who doesn't need to go out to stay home. Hopefully when things are better, we can get these to a shelter that really needs them. Anyway, that's the plan!

I'm sure we'll (finally) get our tree up -- so I'll have photos to share soon (I hope!).

Oh! It was fun talking to Nicole about her iPod. She's getting the new Nano (in pink) for Christmas, and is so very excited about it! (Nicole is ten.) And we heard from Jessica pb_n_jam (who was checking up on us). All is well with her and Doug, thankfully.

I need to phone Mitch at some point... And Shari, too. (She's been going out on the bus constantly, bad weather or no. I worry that she'll get stranded somewhere. It's not safe for one person alone to do that right now -- especially when nobody knows you're out and about!)

Everyone I talk to is pretty sick of this weather now...

The office is closed tomorrow... well, MONDAY (no kidding) -- Marilyn sent out the word. And I'm guessing it will be closed on Tuesday, too. (It was already closed for the last three days of this week.)

I know it can get confusing when I post past midnight -- and refer to the day as if we're still in the day before. (To me this is Sunday night, in other words...)

Okay, let's try some humor, shall we???

humor: stockings hung
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