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More Winter Storm Weather

Ever notice how the really, really cold weather effects you?

You want more to eat (!!!), you're thirsty and need more to drink -- and you want to curl up and sleep, sleep, sleep. Of course, we snack constantly and also have thrown in a few spiked eggnogs and some spicy Bloody Marys, too. (grin)

And that 'cabin fever' is maddening! It's funny that we've managed to go out most days (even though we don't normally drive in this weather) -- and we've been getting 'fresh air' (very COLD fresh air, too) each day. After all, we have to keep those outdoor animals fed!

Both Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I can't wait until we can turn off the dripping water! But we're being pretty careful now, as we don't want to face frozen pipes.

In fact, we're going to leave the heat UP tonight. We decided we didn't want to wake to a house with no electricity that was freezing cold!

It's 3:00 a.m. and bedtime beckons...

So time to share a couple of photos!

Dec, 2008 - Colin Kitty stays warm
Colin Kitty stays warm huddled in a blanket on the sofa in the living room.

Dec, 2008 - Henry Tudor Cat stays warm
Henry Tudor Cat stays warm burrowed into a pillow on the black chair in the living room.

Aren't they sweet?

They've been bothered by the cold, which they're not used to -- any more than we are! We jokingly remind them often that 'it's not OUR fault' when they give us those 'looks' about the weather! (heh)

Well, I've posted for Sunday -- just in case we do lose our power! I hope everyone facing wintery weather is managing to stay warm!
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