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Henry Tudor Cat Rope-a-Dopes...

Just in case we lose power at some point, I'm posting now for Saturday (it's around 4:00 a.m. right now).

I want to share some photos of our cat Henry doing what Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I refer to as Rope-a-dope. (Or rope-a-doping.)

When he was little, Henry used to drag socks all over the house. If he couldn't find used socks that had been tossed on the floor or tucked into shoes, then he'd hunt for clean socks and steal them. (smile)

Then Marilyn gave him a rope to play with, and he started to haul it all over the house. He's ended up with several different ropes (of all sizes and colors), but that first rope is his fave. We used to think it was like a baby blanket for a toddler, but it's considerably more... um... sexual to Henry. (Yes, he's been fixed! But even when a cat is fixed he can still retain a lot of sexual desire. Our deceased cat Indy certainly did!)

Here are three photos of Henry rope-a-doping. So far we've found it impossible to actually get a photo of him with the rope in his mouth. Often he'll hold it in his teeth while he sort of 'humps' on something (like a pillow or blanket). He kneads some surface and focuses on his rope, anyway. It's an interesting thing to see...

Henry rope-a-doping
Going at it. (heh)

Henry rope-a-doping
He has to rest afterwards.

Henry rope-a-doping
Wow, is he pleased...

I guess he's a horny boy. (smile)
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