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Power Outtages? Say It Ain't So, Santa! (smile)

It's almost a GIVEN that we'll lose power here during the next storm. And they're warning us that we could be without power for a couple of days, minimum. (sigh)

We've got some wood and have our flashlights full of fresh batteries. We've got lots of wood. We've got bottled water, should we need it.

We've faced being outside chipping up thick ice years back, so we know we can do that again if we must...

There's not much worse than losing power, which means no internet (or computers, period) and no cable TV (or TVs, period). And, of course, no furnace to heat the house -- and no electricity to power the water heater, so no hot water.

So what are Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I worried about?

Posting to our LiveJournal blogs, of course!

We're both doing NaBloPoMo, so it matters a lot to us.

We're already talking about posting after midnight, to make sure we get in a post for Saturday (tomorrow, December 20). And then we're trying to figure out how to post on Sunday, if it comes to that...

What can I say? We're strange. I've never denied it...

Tags: 2008, cold, december-2008, freezing-rain, livejournal, marilyn, nablopomo, weather

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