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More Winter Weather in Portland...

I need to share some weather-related photos this time around!

No, Portland didn't quite get the awful weather that had been expected, but we are supposed to have another storm tomorrow -- and even worse next Sunday. (sigh)

We had some snow, but we mainly had RAIN today. Cold rain. And, of course, it's garbage night. (Dad is smiling down from heaven, glad he's not doing his own -- he was wont to say that it always rained on garbage night. (grin)

I've got many photos to share today...

Note that you can see snow falling -- sort of! (The falling snow is rather blurry.)

Blocks of ice
The blocks of ice (from the make-shift birdbath) haven't melted, yet!

Hummingbird feeder
I've been keeping the hummingbird feeder thawed and full...

Colin Kitty watches
Colin Kitty watches the many birds and squirrels in the back yard.

There were TONS of birds after I put out the seed...

Here's a bird on top of the feeder Mom gave us years back.
Bird on top of feeder from Mom

Four birds in the lilac bush.
4 birds in the lilac bush

One bird on the edge of the barrel and one in the white
flower container.
One bird on the edge of the barrel and one in the white flower container

Birds on the ground.
2 birds

Birds in bush.
Birds in bush

Birds on the ground, seeking seed.
Birds on the ground, seeking seed

Bird on the edge of the flower box, near the ear of dried corn.
Bird on edge of flower box

And many squirrels to eat the sunflower seeds. (I don't
know if they ever went for the ear of dried corn or not.)

You can see the squirrel feeder that Jim made (with June's
help). The squirrels love it!

Squirrel 1

Squirrel 2

Squirrel 3

Squirrel 4

Squirrel 5

Squirrel 7

And that's it for today!
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