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Cold, Cold, Cold!!! (brr)

The cold weather is horrible! I've only been outside the house to feed the hummingbirds and other birds (and squirrels). The hummingbird feeder freezes up after around an hour and has to be washed out and re-filled.

My make-shift birdbath (using a plastic container on top of the base) also freezes up after an hour or so. Yesterday it froze solid, and I dumped the ice block in the yard. I tried to pour hot water over it and thaw it out, but it was no go! (smile)

Make-shift plastic birdbath
As I mentioned before, I took the top off our birdbath and
turned it upside down, to avoid having water freeze inside
and break it! So I took a plastic container and put it in
place, as it's not as quick to freeze -- and doesn't break.

Ice block with weight frozen inside
Originally I had an old 10 pound hand weight inside the
plastic container to keep it from blowing off in the wind.
But it was frozen solid and had to be dumped out! No
amount of hot water poured over it today was making
the slightest dent in the block of ice... (smile)

We'll probably stay home tomorrow. Our work policy for determining whether or not to close the office is based on the closing of Portland Public Schools. The weird thing is that they've half closed and half opened PPS, depending on which side of the river the school is located on! Our office is on the side that's closed, so I imagine we'll stay home. We can always Remote Access and work anyway, so it's no big deal...

Our Staff party has been postponed (it was supposed to be tomorrow), thankfully. I guess we'll do our gift exchange next week... It's good by me!
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