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Sleepy Cat!

I just snapped a picture of Colin on the chair beside me. It's turned to face me, and he sort of came and rubbed against me, before jumping up on the chair and going to sleep.

Normally Colin isn't one to sleep in the office much, so it's a sign he was also looking for some attention, sweet boy. The photo isn't all that different from the one I used to make the icon I'm using here ('Cozy'), though for the icon he was lying on the sofa, and I took it out and made a custom background...

Colin on Marilyn's chair, Dec. 14, 2008
Colin is all COZY, sleeping on Marilyn's mistressmarilyn
chair (in front of her office computer), right next to me. Happily
he didn't get TOO upset when I disturbed his rest by taking
some photos! (smile) The pink blanket is used by Marilyn to
wrap up when it gets too cold in our office...

I've recently decided I don't share nearly enough photos here, so I'm going to try and improve and post more!

Colin is so black that you can hardly make out his head and paws in the picture! I think it's interesting that his claws were out -- I think he was dreaming, because he was making some noises...
Tags: 2008, cold, colin-kitty, december-2008

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