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Done Signing Cards!!!

Yes, I'm (finally) done signing ALL the Christmas cards here at work!!!

It's close to noon, and I'm hopeful Marilyn mistressmarilyn will be ready close to on time. She always has a lot to do, so we'll see.

Yes, we get a half day off today!

While working on cards, I actually was listening to music online -- something I normally don't do, because it uses up computer resources, which I can never afford to lose. But I'm barely using my computer today (obviously), so I wanted some Christmas music to listen to while signing!

Paul recommended:

Angel recommended:
(You can register there for free.)

I need to put some of our (many, many) CDs on my iPods, but haven't gotten around to it, yet. I'd hoped to do that yesterday, but...

Tags: 2008, christmas, december-2008, festival, marilyn, music, work

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