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Annoying Memory Situation...

Have I posted here to say what a pain the current situation with Memories is yet? I should have if not! It's a big pain in the butt, frankly.

Apparently most people currently cannot access any memories that aren't their own.

I'm sure that many people aren't bothered by this in the least. But in a community that relies on tutorials that have been posted since day one? Well, I doubt I need to say what a mess it is... (sigh)

I'm trying to remain optimistic about it, but for crying out loud! Could they fix it already?!

What's annoying is that they've changed the way you respond to comments in communities. But I see no improvement. Just extra steps we have to take to do what used to work fine previously...


Please quit 'fixing' things!

Well, that's my whine for now...



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