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New Christmas Tree!

We just got out new Christmas tree at the Super Walmart (replacing the artificial one we got at another Walmart several years back). We needed the new one because one of the branches on the old one was broken last year.

But this is a bigger tree, so I'm excited about it!

We also looked at a smaller white tree with multi-colored lights. I think we'd have bought both, if we could have pictured where to put the second one. I bet we end up getting it anyway... (smile)

I'll post a longer entry later -- but I need to go do the garbage and recycling, so it might well be past midnight. I needed to get my entry done for today (because of NaBloPoMo).

Actually, I'd already posted for today -- because my last entry was done pasty midnight last night! That figures... (smile)

It was a busy day and I have a lot to tell, though. So I suspect I'll end up with another 'past midnight' entry. (grin)

Tags: 2008, christmas, christmas-tree, december-2008

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