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Black Friday -- We're Still Up!

I'm fading a bit. I think I need more coffee. (grin)

I finally did the new header banner (masthead) for the festival website Home page. If I decide I don't like it, it's a very simple thing to change it. So I'll wait and see...

My (damn) computer crashed out on me, suddenly! It must have been all those graphics I was working on, I guess. Anyway, I started this entry around 5:00 (as you can see on the time), but I'm just getting to finish it, after having to mess with my computer to get it all back up again. (sigh)

So, anyway, I finally did the News item I needed to post for the festival website. (I should have finished it YESTERDAY, I suppose, but today was the drop-dead, so it's all good...) That's a total of four web pages coded, by the way. Work, work.

But I'm pleased with myself about how the whole 'News' thing worked out for the website. It's exactly the way I wanted it to be, from way back when we had the meeting to talk to the web company about it -- and they didn't like my suggestion for how I wanted it at all. Well, so much for them, anyway. As I always remind myself, the site got a Silver award -- and I happen to believe that our manner of dealing with our News items is one of the reasons why!

I've got a TON (!!!) of website work to do (it's that time again), but it's all good. I'm no where near as daunted by that as I was this time last year. I've got a pretty good handle on the site now, so I'm convinced it will all go a lot smoother in the future...

Marilyn mistressmarilyn has been working her tail off on her NaNo novel. It's a lot more work than my novel, which is a simple story that's fairly easy to tell. She has to do loads and loads of research for her book. Plus, her writing is far superior to mine.

But I do need to work on "Christmas Land," though -- because more than 10,000 words is no joke, after all...

Well, as it's now almost 6:00 a.m., I suppose we should go to bed (!!!). I'll skip the coffee and try some sleep, instead...

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