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NaNo Gathering

We went to our local NaNoWriMo gathering at Our Daily Bread today at 2:00 p.m.

It was fun to meet some of the other local participants, have a bite to eat and be NaNo social. (smile)

It didn't add much to my word count, however!!! (Hopefully I'll do better tomorrow...)

Oh, and we also saw June and Jim (and a couple others from Pioneer church), while there.

Afterwards, we went to the pharmacy to I could get my 'emergency' Azithromycin prescription filled (that my dentist gave me back in April).

The bad news? I've got a nasty (and painful) abscess in my mouth.

So I took the two-tablet dose and some pain pills and had a long nap. (sigh) This explains why I didn't stay up and write, like I really needed to...

Hopefully the abscess will calm down as I take the pills. I'll need to get an appointment to see Dentist Mary, though.

But we're going for an overnight to the beach tomorrow, so I don't want to be suffering the whole time -- which is why we picked up the Azithromycin today. (grin)

We're also (finally) going to get the oil changed tomorrow, before we go.

We had breakfast while at Our Daily Bread, but that's all we've eaten all day. So I'm off to fix a very late dinner. Then we'll head to bed (for a change), so we can be up at a decent hour (for a change). Vacation hours really throw us off (staying up all night), I must admit!

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