CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

The Refrigerator Freezer Needs Cleaning Out!

The freezer of our fridge is too full of stuff -- I really need to clean it out!!! We had it not close properly today, and a bunch of food started to thaw. (sigh)

For that matter, I really need to clean out the fridge, which seems packed of stuff right now. I got rid of some leftovers in the downstairs fridge, but couldn't face the one upstairs. So that task is staring me in the face right now!

Actually, Amanada is coming tomorrow (today, as it's past midnight), so I should pick up and vacuum the living room, too. I'm just jumping for joy at the thought!

It's this feeling tired all the time with this bug that has me not in the mood, I think. What a bother.

Well, as it's now 2:30 a.m., I should get my ass to bed soon. Of course, I did have a long nap, so I should be fine, regardless. But if we don't head to bed soon we'll be up all night again. We just LOVE to do that while on vaca!

Tags: 2008, amanda, cleaning, housecleaning, november-2008

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