CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

Done with the Garbage and Recycling -- No Thanks to the Spider!

So, we were going to watch a movie and eat popcorn, but On Demand (Comcast) is being repaired in our area, so we couldn't get it to work...

That's for the best, I'm sure. We'll have a dish of ice cream and go to bed.

I just finished up the garbage and recycling, doing the cat boxes last this week. (I often do them first, as I try to get the most onerous task out of the way...)

It was dark out, even with the light from the garage. I felt a cobweb on my hand from the bottom of the kitty litter bag. As I was wiping it off, I had a pain on my finger! A spider bit me. I don't think I killed it, but I shook it off pretty damn fast. And happily I was in the driveway, so it's not in the garage (or house).

Thankfully, I don't suffer from arachnophobia. No, I don't like spiders, but I can deal with them. I'm the bug killer at our house -- and that includes spiders. Hey, somebody has to do it! That's how I got over being freaked by spiders decades ago...

I cleaned the finger and put medicine on it, so hopefully it won't be a problem. I've had a few issues with spider bites over the years. I'm not allergic, but seem to be sensitive to some bites.

Well, more about the memorial/funeral tomorrow, I guess. I didn't quite get to it today. And more about Jess tomorrow, too.

Tags: 2008, november-2008, spider

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