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Today's Memorial (Funeral)

I need to post and talk about the memorial (funeral) Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I attended today. It was an amazing experience, and I wouldn't have missed it for the world!

It's the first police memorial I've ever attended, believe it or not. Chief Rosie Sizer was in attendance and even spoke, and she did an impressive job.

My lovely doctor said I'm close to over this bug, but it took him four weeks -- and he's STILL got the cough! (Interesting, isn't it?) I'm still running a temperature, but he couldn't give me an antibiotic, because it's viral. (They did a strep test, just to be safe -- it was negative.) He did give me a med to take, though. I'm supposed to take it for five days, then go out and have mild outdoor exercise (ride my bike for a short ride). He said being out in the fresh air might help my immune system to really kick in. He's very active himself, and loves it that I bike.

He did say if I'm still bad in a week that I need to see him again, but he's hopeful I won't be. I'm supposed to rest for the next five days -- really take it easy. So we'll see what happens!

I do love my doctor. He has that personal touch that makes me feel like he knows who I am and what I do (like biking) -- like it used to be with doctors. These days doctors have so many patients that they can't keep them straight -- and I don't blame them. For years of my life I used to see doctors who had known me since childhood or my youth, and actually did know me. Back then we took it for granted that our doctor knew and cared about us. But I've had many, many doctors since then where this wasn't the case -- and it's really not the fault of the doctor, but rather the system these days...

I had a long (long) nap after I got home. First I did go next door to help my friend June with a computer issue, though. I haven't seen much of her, and I know she's missing me. But I have been both sick and busy, so I guess there's no way around it.

We had nachos for a (late) supper, and they were delicious (and are so simple and quick to make). I'm thinking about making spaghetti for dinner tomorrow.

Marilyn was on her laptop when I got up -- working. She seemed reluctant to tell me, but I think it's totally fine if she wants to catch up on work from home. It's her vacation, and she can spend it any way she wants -- which includes doing work. I know it makes it easier for her if she keeps up on it -- especially on her email inbox. Otherwise she goes back to the office and is just swamped. So it's all good. Besides, I did some website changes myself this morning, so... (smile) Work is a good thing, after all.

I talked to Jessica on the phone this morning. I was going to post about her yesterday, but I wanted to do something special. So I'm thinking I won't post about it now, either... (grin)

The only thing we didn't get done was the oil change, which we'll hopefully manage tomorrow.

(Oh. And I still haven't done the garbage and recycling, but what's new? I so often do it after midnight, so I'm not stressing it...)

I'm now going to play some Zuma! We had a productive and busy day, and I think I've earned it.

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