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CustomizeGoogle -- a Cool Firefox Addon!

So, it's taken me over an hour to get to the point where I'm blogging. I was going to to it before 4:00 p.m. -- and it's now close to 5:00. And already dark outside, by the way. (sigh)

Anyway, somehow I stumbled across one of the coolest extensions! It can be used to customize the use of Google. I don't know about anyone else, but I use Google for probably 90% (or more) of my web searching, so anything that can truly improve it rocks in my book!

First off, if you're a Firefox user and want to get it, click the image below.

Firefox with CustomizeGoogle

And secondly, if you're NOT a Firefox user, then WHY NOT??? Trust me when I say that all the amazing (FREE) Addons alone should be driving you to use Firefox. I totally do not get why anyone would select Internet Explorer over Firefox...

I've just started playing with all the settings, but obviously the ability to dump ads is pretty terrific. (smile)

I love being able to point links directly to websites, too. Awesome!

This may become one of my fave Addons (like Web Developer and New Tab Button on Tab Bar -- both of which I can't live without).

As for the entry I started to write, I'll get to it later, I guess... (grin)
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